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Spring has Sprung: Simple, easy and natural tips to manage allergy season

Well, it’s spring. Longer days, warmer weather and oh yea….allergies.

Severe allergies can be a nightmare and as debilitating as any flu, cold or virus. Seasonal sufferers should consult their doctor for the best course of treatment, but there are several things we all can do to reduce and even prevent our spring time allergy woes.

Pollen is a major culprit of allergic irritations, and according to the Associated Press, pollen levels are much higher than normal this year in the south and midwest regions of the country. Reducing our exposure to pollen can be done in a number of simple, easy and natural ways.

1. Pollen count is much higher in the morning, so to avoid this peak time consider rescheduling your outdoor activities to afternoon hours.

2. Try washing out your nose. Sure, it sounds funny, but pollen can settle inside your nostrils. Just a gentle spritz with saline solution is a quick and easy way to clear it out.

3. Wash your sheets and blankets more often. Allergens are great at settling in soft surfaces, and if you’re getting a full eight hours like you should, that is eight hours of laying in irritants.

4. Wash your hair before bed instead of in the morning. All day long, your hair is picking up pollen and other allergens. Get into bed with clean hair so all that linen washing suggested above doesn’t go to waste.

5. Wash your pets more frequently— specifically your pets that are allowed outside. Just as your hair is collecting pollen and allergens all day, their fur is doing the same.

6. Eat right. It’s just another great way to keep your immune system working at full capacity so that you are better able to fight through allergy symptoms.

7. For those of you who use a concentrator, make sure your water, filter and tubing are cleaned regularly. Click here for more safety, maintenance and cleaning tips for concentrators.

Happy Spring!