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  • Banner 1: When the open road calls... know that you can still answer.

Maintenance is Key: Keeping Your Equipment Safe, Clean and Working Right

On occasion, a customer may stop by or call us about a glitch with their home medical equipment. We take problems with your equipment very seriously, and always do a thorough check of the equipment to identify and correct any problems. Often times, however, what we find is a problem as simple as cleaning out a water chamber or changing a filter.

When water, filters and other pieces that need regular replacement or cleaning are not tended to, it can lead to unsanitary equipment, which in turn can have harmful effects. By properly maintaining your equipment, you not only keep it sanitary, but you also keep it running properly.

We sat down with our Respiratory and Biomedical Coordinator, Ryan Grant, and had him share with us some important steps for maintaing your equipment. Following Ryan’s simple steps will help keep your equipment running effectively and reliably.

Steps for CPAP Maintenance
• Change water daily
• Only use distilled water
• Clean the water chamber at least once a week using soft soap or baby shampoo and rinse thoroughly

Steps for Concentrator Maintenance
• Change filters a minimum of once a week, the more the better
• Change water weekly
• Use only distilled water
• Change tubing every two weeks

Steps for Nebulizer Maintenance
• Change cups every two weeks
• Change entire kit once a month

Steps for Portable Tank Maintenance
• Change tubing every two weeks
• Turn off tank when not using, and not just the regulator.

If you every have any questions about maintaining and cleaning your home medical equipment, do not hesitate to call or email us. We are here to make sure your equipment is safe and working properly.