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Do you use a concentrator? Expert answers to your questions.

Concentrators are one of the most common type of medical equipment we provide here at Home Care America. That being said, some of the most frequently asked questions we hear are about concentrators. So we sat down with one of HCA’s long-time technicians and now Service Manager, Jerry Barkoff, to learn what questions people most often have about their concentrators and his expert answers to those important questions.

My concentrator is not putting out any air, what should I do?
First, check to make sure the concentrator has power. Second, check the tubing and make sure there are no kinks or obstructions. Third, if you have a humidifier bottle, check to make sure the water is bubbling.

My tubing has water in it. Why is this happening and what should I do?
Make sure you are only using distilled water. If there is condensation, this may indicate too much humidity in the home. If there are beads of water, replace the humidifier and all the tubing.

My nose and throat are dry. Is there something I can use to prevent this?
Yes, a humidifier bottle.

There is a beeping noise coming from the concentrator, what is it?
The concentrator has three indicator lights and two alarms. If your tubing is occluded or kinked and the ball in your liter flow is below one LPM, you will hear a fast beep. A red light and long alarm indicate service is required, and you should call as soon as possible to arrange an exchange.

My concentrator is indicating a yellow light, what does this mean?
This means the oxygen purity is below normal standards, and there could be a few reasons why the light would go on. First, check the filters on your concentrator and make sure they are clean. Second, if you have a humidifier bottle on your concentrator, make sure the liter flow is not above four LPM. Remove the humidifier and watch the liter flow, if the ball goes up this may indicate back pressure, which will trigger the yellow light. Third, replace all tubing and the humidifier.

If you have questions about your concentrator or any other piece of home medical equipment, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We are always happy to hear from our customers and to help in any way that we can.